Our objective is to determine the best postal rate and the most effective mail processing for both Domestic and Canadian addressed mail. We understand the postal systems on both sides of the border and know how certain variables affect mail performance. DDM has an excellent relationship with the United States Postal Service and the ability to make mail perform.


DDM’s skilled data staff works closely with our customers to develop sophisticated directmail programs. From list hygiene and postal processing, to developing complex variable layouts, our programmers deliver results with secure data handling.


DDM’s variable imaging capabilities allow us to add a high level of personalization to your documents. We offer simplex or duplex laser printing, inkjet addressing, full-color digital personalization, and in line imaging on our web press.


From traditional swing arm technology to the latest in high speed insertion, DDM offers a full complement of services with the ability to insert most sizes. We perform match-mail inserting in addition to intelligent inserting which employs barcode technology to guarantee accuracy.


• Database Management
• High Speed Laser Printing
• Inkjet Personalization
• Full Color Variable Imaging
• Automated Stamping and Labeling
• Automated Match Inserting
• Intelligent Inserting
• Up to 24 Station Inserting
• 9” x 12”, 10 Station Inserting
• Letter Post (airmail and economy)
• Mail Preparation and Dropping
• Customs Requirements Expertise


We’ll put the finishing touch on your ideas.
DDM features a full complement of cutters, die cutters, folders, binders, inserters, stitchers, and more…to give your ideas that final polished look. By offering bindery solutions in-house, our customers receive the highest quality, customized
products, while saving time that would be spent managing multiple vendors. DDM’s 6 Pocket, 2 Cover Heidelberg stitcher allows us to quickly bind even the most complicated booklets. We can also stitch in envelopes or response cards cost-effectively while saddlestiching. Our folders are equipped with additional right angle units, slitters, and gluers to handle the most demanding finishing requirements.


• Saddle stitching
• Booklet binding
• Folding and trimming
• Die cutting
• Precision gluing
• Foil Stamping and Embossing
• Collating
• Drilling
• Personalized Post-It™ note tip-on
• Label printing and affixing
• Affinity or membership card tipping
• Manual assembly and fulfillment
• Continuous form cutting
• Wafer sealing
• Polybagging and shrink-wrapping
• Fulfillment programs
• Inventory control


With campaign budgets spread out over multiple channels, direct mail continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach voters and generate maximum response.

DDM specializes in providing printing and direct mail for political consultants, fund raisers, and candidates at the local, state, and national levels.

We understand the “need it done yesterday” world of politics, and will work round-the-clock to deliver your message to voters. We offer a variety of print and mail options, perfectly suited for political direct mail campaigns, from self-mailers and postcards, to personalized letter packages. We can turn a simple mailing list into a powerful, results-focused tool, and help you target voters or donors based on demographics, geography, voting frequency and more!


• Creative graphic design
• On-demand digital printing
• Offset printing
• Web printing with in-line personalization
• Targeted voter list services
• Data list optimization
• High impact postcards
• Fund raising mailers and invitations
• Slate and initiative mailings
• Membership card mailings
• Opinion polling and surveys
• Postal tracking and reporting


As the medical, financial, legal, and municipal markets demand stricter privacy and data security, DDM successfully meets these requirements and provides secure data handling, quality printing and 100% mailing performance.

DDM offers customers a complete solution for time sensitive document processing underone-roof at our secured manufacturing facility. Our capacity enables us to support very high volumes of printing and mailings. Each day we are able to process hundreds of thousands of files, and most documents can be produced and mailed within 24-48 hours.


Using imaged barcodes, our inserting machines can intelligently determine how many pages go into each envelope. The barcode also instructs the machine which documents to pull and insert into the envelope. At full speed the machine can pull any combination of 6 inserts per envelope. This provides cost control and focused marketing opportunities as inserts can be tailored for each recipient.

DDM also employs Intelligent Mail barcoding technology. This powerful technology allows us to track individual mail pieces as they travel through the mailstream.


• Monthly Account Statements
• Medical Bills
• Loan Payment Notices
• Utility Bills
• Class Action Lawsuit Notices
• Disbursement Checks
• Personalized Letters
• Post Card Notices
• Renewal Notices


• Financial
• Medical
• Legal
• Higher Education
• Government
• Retail
• Non-Profit Organizations

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