DDM’s skilled data staff works closely with our customers to develop complex direct-mail programs. From list hygiene and postal processing, to developing complex variable layouts, our programmers deliver results with secure data handling. We conform to all United States Postal Service security standards for data and mail integrity. Our security audits have been consistently over 99% with no non-conformance. DDM has optimum Quality Control procedures for privacy-sensitive materials. Our modern facility contains unparalleled security features to ensure the protection of confidential information.

Our programmers can process data received in most formats, merge-purge multiple files into one list, de duplicate, calculate ask amounts, create specialized salutations, and more.

We have experience at processing foreign addresses and know how to process domestic and foreign lists to achieve the best postal discounts.

DDM also ensures that all lists have been verified against the National Change of Address data base within the last 90 days to reduce the number of returned or undeliverable mail pieces.


• Database Management
• Mail List Management and Services
• Merge/Purge
• Zip Code, Carrier Route, Barcode Appending
• Postal Qualification
• DPV - Delivery Point Validation
• Title Coding/Source Coding
• Intelligent Mail Barcoding
• Postal Qualification
• NCOA (National Change of Address)
• DPV - Delivery Point Validation
• Title Coding/Source Coding
• BMC and SCF Discount Calculations

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